Regulär Wolpentinger Wurzelbier

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Our favorite Root Beer made with Pure Cane Sugar featuring Mythical Pizza's Wolepntinger.

Diät Wolpentinger Wurzelbier

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Our 0-Calorie Diet Root Beer featuring Mythical Pizza's Wolpentinger.

Mothman's West Virginia SCREAM SODA

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
A West Virginia Favorite! Our take on a Vanilla Cream Soda is sure to make you SCREAM!

Flatwoods FANTAsie Orange Soda

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Even Braxxie loves this tangy orange soda! When she has some, her eyes light up!

Sasquatch Sarsaparilla

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Our old-school cool drink with hints of licorice, caramel, vanilla and wintergreen.

Perilous Pineapple

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Who lives with Pineapple Soda under the sea? The Kraken of course!

Glowing Grape Soda

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Packed full of grape flavor, this tasty beverage is the real reason you see Nightcrawlers roam!

Rickey Soda

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
SQUONK is our NUMBER ONE most popular seller! A fresh, flavorful raspberry-limeade!

Jersey Devil
Ginger Ale

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
Nothing beats a refreshing bottle of crisp, cool ginger ale. Even when you're being attacked by the Jersey Devil.

Loveland Frogman Lemonade

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
The Loveland Frogman would tell you "A day on a bog isn't complete with a tall glass of glass of Lemonade!"

Bigfoot Brew Birch Beer

(24) 12 oz. Bottles
This is how Bigfoot stays cool in the summer! Our Birch Beer has a smooth taste of sweet birch and minty wintergreen oil.

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