Cryptid Club is a cryptid-based soda brand located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Every year, thousands of people visit West Virginia for their world famous cryptid travels, including Point Pleasant, West Virginia known for Mothman and the famous Mothman Museum, as well as the Flatwoods Monster, made famous in Braxton County, West Virginia!

Now in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, we introduce Mythical Pizza, a cryptid-based pizza experience like none other. And what do you wash those gooey cheesy pizzas with? That's where we come in! All of our Cryptid Club soda is completely Caffeine-Free, made with Pure Cane Sugar and served in real glass bottles! With amazing flavor profiles featuring other cryptids including the aforementioned above, as well as some other locals including The Jersey Devil, Loveland Frogman, Fresno Nightcrawlers, and our absolute personal favorite.....The SQUONK (which is by far our most popular drink ever!).

Working exclusively with Mythical Pizza, we've been able to craft an amazing, full flavored experience for all types of cryptid fans, both new and old! With profiled flavors including Vanilla Cream Soda, Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Orange, Grape, Pineapple, Lemonade, Birch Beer, and our famous Raspberry-Lime Rickey Soda, you can't go wrong with any of our amazing drink options!

On your next road trip, plan to swing by Mythical Pizza, grab a refreshing Cryptid Club soda, and bask in the beauty of our favorite cryptids!

Not a local? No problem! We also offer cases of our soda for sale online, meaning you can enjoy Cryptid Club just about anywhere!

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