Wolpentinger Wurzelbier (Diät or Regulär)

Our flagship Wolpentinger Wurzelbier (Root Beer) is a favorite among cryptid followers. Our award-winning root beer has hints of vanilla, anise and honey. Available in Regulär and 0-calorie Diät.

Mothman's West Virginia SCREAM SODA

A huge fan favorite that everyone SCREAMS for! Everyone loves Mothman and the delicious Vanilla Cream Soda within the bottle! Using only the finest vanilla for the best vanilla cream soda!

Sasquatch Sarsaparilla

Want an old-school vibe to your next thirst quencher? Our Sasquatch Sarsaparilla is made with sassafras root extract and provides hints of licorice, caramel, vanilla and wintergreen. Get that old-school cool today!

Flatwoods FANTAsie

Our orange soda is an absolute flavor burst focusing on the Flatwoods Monster from Braxton County, West Virginia. With just the right amount of sweet and tangy, our Flatwoods FANTAsie is the perfect soda for you.

Fresno Nightcrawler Glowing Grape Soda

Want a bold, fruity grape flavor? Our Fresno Nightcrawler Glowing Grape brings you the taste of summer and refreshes you from the moment you taste it! This also pairs great with Mothman's SCREAM SODA for an amazingly unique grape float!

Perilous Pineapple

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Our unique twist on a cryptid pineapple soda focuses on an undersea Kraken adventure in your mouth! Our sweet tropical pineapple soda is made with real pineapple!

Bigfoot Brew Birch Beer

Bigfoot gives our Bigfoot Brew Birch Beer a huge thumbs up! Our delightfully sharp, yet smooth minty taste is intensified with strong notes of sweet birch and minty wintergreen oil. A refreshing way to stay cool anytime, anywhere!

Loveland Frogman Lemonade

Loveland is known for its 4' Frogman that runs around on its hind legs. Cryptid Club is known for our incredible lemonade! Our lemonade is blasted full of lemon flavor and is extremely thirst-quenching! A must for any cryptid fan!


Our most POPULAR DRINK EVER! Our SQUONK is a unique north-eastern twist of a raspberry-lime rickey soda, or in layman's terms: a refreshing sparkling raspberry limeade! What better way to share Pennsylvania's cryptid that giving it that boost of love known as SQUONK!

Jersey Devil Ginger Ale

The Jersey Devil roams the forest of Pine Barrens, but at Cryptid Club, he continues to seek out the freshest ginger for our extremely popular ginger ale! This crisp and bubbly drink is delicious and ready for quenching your thirst!



Mythical Pizza is a cryptid-based, flash-fired pizza restaurant located right within the heart of cryptid lore in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. All of our pure cane sugar, caffeine free Cryptid Club sodas are sold in retail exclusively at Mythical Pizza, or online! We strongly encourage your visit to Mythical Pizza, as you'll find so much more cryptid merchandise, including our Brave Barista Cryptid-Creeper Italian Roast coffee!

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